You were hacked and used as a tool to kill the Boss of Heaven. I broke the hack, but it was a mess. You lost an arm and barely made it out of there. Your brother was kidnapped to make sure you did your job. Hes going to die unless you find him first.

Youve all been asking for it: Ruiner is coming to R4i 3DS for Nintendo 3DS this summer.

Set in 2091, Ruiner will drag you through the darkest, shadiest, deadliest corners of the rapidly growing, brilliant metropolis of Rengkok City. From the shiny corridors of Heavens corporate interiors, through the citys lowest districts even into the underground imagination farms.

Your brother is there, somewhere, waiting for you to save him.

It wont be easy. Those who took him know youre coming. Their hideouts are armed with mines, traps, and sentry guns, and theyre protected by armies of specialized guards and deadly assassins some human, some machine, some in between. To tear through all that, youll need loads of weapons and gadgets. And some skill.

Lets start with melee. You can stick to your good old pipe, but if you want something more fancy, go for nano katana or electric sword, or one of the heavy, two-handed super-swords. The two modes of fencing have their own advantages and special attacks. The first, light one lets you stun enemies for a second, a lot of time to finish them. Much more information with regards to R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS for R4i SDHC /3DS LL/3DS XL .The heavy melee whirlwind AOE attack is not only spectacular but deals massive amounts of damage, too!

Then there are more than 20 guns to choose from. Starting with conventional pieces like pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and plasma rifles, all the way up to hi-tech armaments like the singularity gun, orbital cannon, sonic shotgun, lightning cannon, subzero gun, rail gun, and more. Just wait for the enemies to drop them and try for yourself. Some come with bullets that pierce through multiple enemies, stun them, set them ablaze, disintegrate them, or bounce off walls making the whole battlefield look like an insane dance-floor.

Combine that with the lot of the unlockable gadgets and cyber implants and you can see the multitude options for bringing your vengeance to the doorstep of those who did you wrong.

Dash and shield are your best friends. The mix of their offensive and defensive abilities make you one deadly ball of fury. As with any other gadget you obtain later in the game, you can upgrade and develop them, too. With Multidash you can plan out and execute your dash sequence in.

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self-defense or as an offensive move, to chase down your enemies and take their weapons.

Upgraded shields will deflect projectiles, making you an impenetrable, deadly reflector.

Kinetic barriers let you control the battlefield, dividing the space around you, separating you from and slowing down foes and their bullets so you can pick them apart, one by one. Activating the Slow Motion mode, you can almost freeze the scene in time and calculate your options. Overclock mode lets you dive straight into the fire of close combat, making you almost invincible, while Switch Gun gives you more space: why not make your enemies work for you while you think of your next move from a distance. Did I mention grenades? You have those, too.

Each gadget, including your melee weapon, can be upgraded in a number of ways to support and expand developing your play style.

Luckily, youre not in this alone. You have me, Puppy. Go get them!